How to Make Any Room Brighter

When it comes to interior design, I’m a big fan of bright spaces.  A bright space can make a room seem bigger and more welcoming. I remember the first apartment I ever moved into had dark brown hardwood floors throughout, and dark grey drawers in the kitchen. If it wasn’t for the natural sunlight shining through the balcony, the apartment would have been dark 24/7. To make matters worse, I made the regretful mistake of purchasing long, dark brown curtains to hang over the windows. I ended up with such a dark apartment that I could just feel myself getting depressed walking through the door.

Here’s my personal tips on how to make any dark room look brighter:

The color of your walls can make a world of difference on how bright a room looks. This is going to be seem like common sense, but if you want a room to look brighter, you should typically opt for lighter hues on your walls, preferably white, creamy, or warm colours (such as peach, yellow and beige). If you want to paint your walls with a bit of colour, consider going for pale cool colours such as blue, green or violet. Pastel colors can also work beautifully for this purpose as well.

Purchase light-colored furniture and draping. Light colors will reflect any natural daylight in the room and make the space look brighter.

You could consider enlarging your windows to allow more natural sunlight to get in. Obviously, this is probably too costly and time-consuming for many people, including myself. My suggestion would be to take down any heavy curtains and replace them with venetian curtains, which still allow a bit of sunlight to stream through. Don’t hang dark paintings and posters all over the room. For more possible combinations, go chat us up in  and give us a poke.

Hang accessories in the room that will reflect light. For example, put a mirror on the wall opposite a window to reflect the sunlight coming into the room. Mirrors have an enchanting way of making spaces look even bigger and brighter.

Simulate sunlight by adding lamps or sconces to the room. Because they reflect light upwards, they can trick your mind into believing that the ceilings are higher than they actually are.  They also illuminate rooms with a soft colored glow.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to use colors! Even something as simple as placing a colorful tablecloth on top of a table can brighten up the feeling of a room. Or buy some flowers to add more color variety in your home.


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