Buying Cheap Furniture and Essentials

Moving into a new place can be quite a hassle. There’s the packing, the unpacking, the cleaning, the getting settled in… and I think the worst part for me is having to buy new furniture. Luckily, there are tons of cheap solutions when it comes to buying furniture and home essentials.

So, where can you buy furniture and essentials for your new place without breaking the bank?Here are a couple of solutions that I’ve tried so far:

1.     Craigslist. I’ve bought couches and TVs off of Craigslist. You can score some pretty good deals on there. I’ve seen people selling entire dining table sets (including chairs) for less than $50. Most people who are selling on Craigslist want to sell off their furniture quickly to get things out of their way, so that’s a good opportunity for you to try bargaining for a lower price!

2.     Thrift stores and consignment stores. You might think thrift stores only sell used clothing and books, but they actually do carry some nice used furniture. I used to volunteer at a thrift store in my community for many years, and we always had some furniture in stock for super low prices.

3.     Nowadays, you can buy anything through online shopping. I’ve never personally used Amazon for furniture shopping but I think it’s definitely worth a try! Occasionally I have seen some great deals on furniture pieces.

4.     How can I mention cheap furniture without talking about Ikea? I have bought some of my furniture from Ikea, as I do find their prices to be quite affordable. You can get a big coffee table to put in your living room for less than $30. Ikea also has a bargain section where they sell furniture with minor scratches or dents on them. If you’re not too picky about your furniture, that could be an option as well.

The only thing you have to worry about is the quality of the pieces. If you’re buying furniture for a house that you want to be settled down in for more than 5 years, I’d suggest investing in some more quality pieces, rather than Ikea. Another downside is that you may have to assemble some of the furniture yourself (ex. if you buy a desk or dining table).

5.     Some furniture stores in your city might have a clearance section where they sell their returned items. They may be wiling to sell to you for cheaper price.

6.     Yard sales. Look around your community for any advertised yard sales. Lots of people tend to sell off old furniture or home essentials during garage sales.

7.     Dollar stores. Who doesn’t love dollar stores? There are a couple of little essentials for your home you can definitely get here. I usually buy things like Crest toothpaste, cleaning products, kitchen towels, sponges, dishcloths, aluminum foil, paper plates, and napkins.
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